Your Corporate Clients are Just Normal People

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I can’t tell you how long it took me to realize this and how much longer it took for me to actually internalize it, but it’s been invaluable since. When I first made the jump and took my business seriously, one of the simplest segues to earning good money was to work with corporate clients. It’s simply a numbers game - five or six solopreneur clients comes out to be about what one corporate client is per month. No brainer, right?

Except, what connecting and selling and working with my solopreneur clients felt like completely disappeared the second I started pitching “big” companies. Why? For the most part, impostor syndrome.

  • Who was I to be pitching these companies for services they could have done in house?

  • What if they already had someone doing them for them?

  • What if they didn’t need me? Worse still, what if they did, but I couldn’t convince them?

  • Why would they hire someone that doesn’t have a degree in finance?

  • Would they take a 26 year old business owner seriously?

What this boiled down to was I wasn’t absolutely rooted in the value I could bring. After doing A LOT of mindset work and also continuing to see amazing successes from my solopreneur clients, I realized that I knew just how much damn value I’d bring, but I was continually second guessing myself. I also realized that at 26, I already had 8 years of extremely valuable experience working in both the corporate world and with freelancers. If strung together completely, my resume doesn’t make me a great candidate for employment, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make me a kick ass consultant for businesses large and small! Experience with businesses not yet turning a profit, to businesses making 11 million+/year, to self-funded startups. Tax law, rates, and legal research? Yep, done it.  Accounts receivable/payable, invoicing, collections, customer service, month-end closing, yep, also have done it.


By realizing that my semi traditionally unemployable work history has given me an immense amount of valuable knowledge (and I’ve also been able to get a traditional job whenever I want, despite my diverse resume). I finally realized I brought such a unique package to both solopreneurs and corporate clients.

Hurdle #1, impostor syndrome - check!

Finally comfortable in my value, I started pitching with abandon and came to my next hangup. According to my biz coaches Jenny & Alex, I had an insane response rate to my pitches, which meant a lot of interest and a lot of hopping on the phone with potential corporate clients - Eek! Just like with people I idolized, these potential clients were on a pedestal in my mind because, *gasp* they run a super successful startup with a slight inventory problem, or *gasp* they’re turning over 3 million dollars a year as a second year business and have a great team. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that these founders, owners, CEOs, etc., are people, too. Most of them weren’t handed a silver spoon, half of them or more are scared shitless most of the time, and have SO MUCH pressure riding on their shoulders at any time. Once I realized I was on different but equal footing (expert in my field vs founder of a company) it opened me up to the understanding that both of us are having a human experience. They have hopes and dreams and fears and fuck up just like I do. Same thing with my idols, biz coaches, etc. That doesn’t mean I can’t still look to them for inspiration, but what it absolutely does mean is that we are all equals in this world. This is your reminder to live like it!

All of these limiting belief devils STILL pop up from time to time, but I hit them back out of my brain cabin by working through why they’re popping up, and reminding myself of how much value I bring to my clients, and that I’m a bad-ass.

This is your reminder - you’re a badass, too. Embrace it!

It can feel intimidating to pitch corporate level clients, but that's mostly just imposter syndrome rearing it's ugly head. Here's the secret about corporate clients that will have you pitching and landing the big fish in no time!
Katelyn Stanton