Why Acting “As If” Will Get You Results Faster

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I bought my current home with my ex the month we turned 20 in a medium (but ever-increasing) cost of living area outside of Portland, Oregon. It was a huge purchase at that time, and we bought at the top of our allowable mortgage loan amount. But, I hated living in an apartment, and I decided that I would buy a house, and it was my first adult moment that I can remember acting “as if”. I acted as if it was totally normal to buy a house as a teenager, I reached out to a mortgage broker and a real estate agent, ran the numbers, and realized I only need about $5,500 to purchase a house in the area I wanted. So, I did - I had some bonds I could cash in, and some savings I’d set aside. Less than two months after starting the process, I was a HOMEOWNER! Holy shit, I did it!! Through simply deciding, and acting like I already was a homeowner, and that it was absolutely attainable, then so it became.

Same thing when I sent an email terminating my main (and largest) client from the Denver airport in the Winter of 2017. I knew they were toxic, and not what I wanted in a client going forward, and guess what? I hit “send” on that email, and not even 5 minutes later, got a first class upgrade for $100 on my solo flight to Mexico! I leapt with no backup plan, and my first solo international trip ahead of me. And in 2017, I almost doubled the income I’d made the year before when I’d had that misaligned client. By choosing to act as who I want to be, I then become her, and you can, too.

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I’ve decided I want to create a life where I live like I play the game of Monopoly, and that starts by becoming an owner of rental properties. I want this same starter house I bought 8.5 years ago to be the first in a large portfolio of rentals. So, I’ve been working with my husband and making moves towards having it rental ready. Do I have a second house lined up for us to live in? Nope (although, it’ll most likely be outside of Bend, OR). Do I have a plan for property management or a host of other things that will need to align to make it happen? You guessed it - nope! But, what I can tell you is that, by taking these steps to get my house rental ready, I’m constantly reinforcing what I’m telling my subconscious. I’m detaching from this house, and opening myself up for it to be a great rental at the perfect time for our family!

By acting "as if", you're telling the Universe, God, or whatever you want to call it, that you're ready, you're moving forward and taking action, and you will always find support of some sort. It's amazing to me how every time I take action and act in my best interest, I experience changes to my life, many that I hadn't initially planned or anticipated.

Where in your life or business do you need to start acting “as if”?

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