Money Mindset


What is your mindset on business money management?  

If you own a small business, then managing money is often at the forefront of your mind. So many of my clients feel resistance around money. They’re constantly stressed about where their money is going, and if they'll even have enough. Do you find yourself shaking your head yes and feeling like I’m describing you?

Do you feel like you’re bad with money?  Maybe you don’t understand how business finances work, and you might use that as an excuse to neglect a very important part of managing your business - the MONEY part.  You can’t bury your head in the sand, or live in fear of tax time rolling around.  It isn’t healthy for you or your business.   

So, how would you rate your financial knowledge? Are you scared that if you actually try or take action, you'll fail?

I want you to close your eyes and think of all the hurdles you have already jumped over to get your business up and running. Think of all the sacrifices you’ve made to pursue your visions and dreams.  A lot, right? Now, with all of that in mind, realize you have what it takes to manage your finances like a rockstar!  You really do!

Yes, understanding your finances may take effort.

Yes, it may take you more time than it takes other people.

Yes, you may decide to hire someone you trust to help.

But, envision what your life would look like knowing your financial plan for the year and exactly what steps to take to be in compliance for taxes, to actually have an emergency fund and retirement savings, to know your numbers, and to be able to set financial goals (and meet and surpass them) like the boss that you are?

It's worth a bit of effort, isn't it?

So let’s chat. I’m here to help!

Is money on your mind? Find out why mindset makes all the difference and how to how to optimize it for abundance!
Katelyn Stanton