Living Abundantly

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One of the easiest ways for me to feel abundant? Traveling. Especially to lower cost of living areas than my homebase, just outside of Portland, Oregon. I can create the EXACT life I want to have and afford it right now, without waiting until the money’s there to afford it in the States. While we always plan on having a presence in the US (most likely outside of Bend, Oregon), it’s much more costly to do so, and can have me stuck in a feeling of never being able to get ahead, and not feeling particularly abundant. One of the reason I travel to South America and even parts of Europe so frequently is because I can live a luxurious, baller lifestyle, never check a price, and KNOW I have the money, and I can feel supported by it and the universe. It’s the simplest way for me to feel into being abundant.

And the time I’ve been in Colombia - I’ve written more inspired content than before, knocked long standing items off my to-do list, come up with a new business venture with my best friend of 23 years, that is ON FIRE. Helped my husband finally launch his aerial videography and drone business, and further streamlined my business operations. My schedule hasn’t changed, but my lifestyle and my mental state has while I’ve been here. I have a massage therapist coming to our luxury apartment this week, and my husband has a barber who makes house calls every two weeks. We’re putting into practice aspects of how our lifestyle will be in the US in the next year or so. It can be tough to visualize and feel what your life will be when it’s so different from how you’ve grown up, so think of this as a real life way to play pretend and nail that exact set of feelings down so your visualizing becomes so much more powerful.


I also buy the higher end of what I want. Want my favorite shoes, but the best color isn’t on sale - Oh well - I buy them. I don’t flinch at buying $150 pair of jeans because they fit perfectly, make me feel great, and they last me a year of daily wear! At this point in my life and business, that means that I own fewer shoes, pants, clothes, and things but what I do own, I LOVE. That’s what’s important to me. I’m not out here buying all of this shit and bringing it back to my house and into my life because it’s a good deal. I’m buying what I REALLY want, and investing in the version that brings ME the most joy and satisfaction. This applies to relationships, as well. I have some amazing people in my life, and that’s not by accident. People that weren’t meant to be a part of my life drifted out of it (some a bit more swiftly than others) and that’s okay. It’s okay for you to take a stand and listen to your heart about what actually makes you happy.

There used to be a point in my life where I didn’t think any of this was possible. I mean, I’m a 28 year old with a degree in International Development Studies, regional focus of Latin America (sub focus of sustainable agriculture - what?). I bought a house with my ex husband the month we turned 20 and then when we divorced, I could barely make ends meet, but I did it. I’ve always “found” the money that I needed to support my expenses. Sometimes it involved a fair bit of hustle, but knowing that it’s ALWAYS possible even when it feels hopeless is a great fallback feeling. It amazes me that I’m now in a place where I’ll be visiting no fewer than 4 countries for a total of about 2 months. My husband will be leaving his day job this year, and that means we’re kicking some serious ass this year because we have to. It also means 2020 is going to be even more amazing with him home.

What do you do to feel more abundant?

Abundant living starts with your mindset. When it comes to wealth and money, it all starts with gratitude and positive thinking. Here's how powerful visualizations can change your life!
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