I’m Grateful for My Debt


Don’t stop expanding just to pay off your debt! I’ve talked about this before, but continuing to increase your abundance and upper limits to payoff debt is vital to keep you from playing small. One of the reasons I still have debt, but also an ever-increasing net worth and income level is because I refuse to shrink my spending and my life to payoff debt quicker. It’s a quick trip down the wormhole that is feeling deprived and in a lack mentality. My number one goal is to stay in a higher vibe, abundant and grateful mindset. Does that mean I’m there all the time? Absolutely not, but it does mean that’s what I realign myself to any time I find myself off track.

Any time I’ve tried to diet, it’s worked great for 6-12 months, but I’ve always reverted. Worked with a trainer on a strict meal plan for 9 months, lost 35 pounds, had a six pack I thought was unattainable, and then I slowly put on most of the weight that I’d lost because I was tired of constantly restricting myself and not being able to go eat a snack at social gatherings, or go out with friends -it wasn’t a sustainable plan for me. The last few months, I’ve decided I get to have anything I want, but I’m also going to workout (which I love), and prioritize nutrient dense meals - surprise, my weight and body composition are slowly changing, but I’m not limiting myself, I just know that there’s always more if I want it.


That is the key with your finances, too. There’s always more if you want it, so buy the filing cabinet in the crazy turquoise you want rather than the boring grey practical one (my turquoise cabinet arrives this week!!). Make a smart investment with a coach you’ve been following for years but do it because they can shorten the time between your present and your future goals, not because you feel lacking. Add the crazy color to your hair that you’ve wanted for years but were afraid of what people would think (coming in January), and get that bomb ass rose gold nose ring with a lavender stone and rock it!

These are all things I’ve done or am doing currently to step further into myself and into abundance. It’s who I am and I want you all to be your you-est you. There’s great power in standing up and knowing you haven’t left anything on the table, you’ve done exactly what you want, when you want and you’re THRIVING, not simply surviving, because of your choices.

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Every.single.time that I’ve felt on the edge of not having enough, I go and buy something I want and keep the flow of cash going. Surprise! I’ve always had more money come back to me than I’ve spent. Pretty freaking, amazing, right? I can’t tell you how much I thought the whole abundance, mindset, gratitude stuff was a crock of shit, but I can’t knock what works, and you know what? This stuff works and it works well. In the past year, I’ve doubled my income, and one of my clients has increased her income 16x in less than two years. That doesn’t mean either of us just thought making more money would be nice and it materialized. Nope, we put out there EXACTLY what we wanted, and then made a plan and put in the work to get there and had faith that we’d be constantly supported and that our goals would become our new reality, even when we didn’t know how.

That’s powerful. And it wouldn’t have had nearly as big of an impact on me or my clients if we were playing small, refusing to invest in caring for ourselves and our businesses simply to save money, or pay off debt sooner. Take time to establish an abundance and gratitude practice. Buy experiences or things that make you feel like the most true you - and then revel in them. Buy that gorgeous red lipstick and wear it, those sexy black and red Louboutin heels, or those purple Hunter boots. Take that trip to Ireland even if it’s a stretch at the time. The money will keep coming. I repeat, “The money will keep coming”.


Why am I grateful for my debt, you may ask? It's a valid question, but the answer might surprise you...
Being grateful for your debt is a beneficial mindset to have when living an abudant life. Find out why!
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