Celebrating Your Wealth and Your Worth!

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The older I get (and the more experiences I have), the higher the value I put into conscious thinking, celebrating all of the wins, and focusing on my inherent worth.

This positive thinking, or consciously choosing to be happy doesn’t just exist in a bubble in my business, but is an active part of my personal life, too. In my marriage, I choose to wake up each day and focus on things I love and appreciate about my spouse, rather than spending energy focusing on habits or behaviors that may frustrate or annoy me. Consciously choosing to love, appreciate, and be grateful for such a fantastic human in my life means that we both have a better attitude and relationships towards one another. In my business, it looks like addressing issues head on, constantly appreciating where I am, while simultaneously working to improve my processes and my clients experiences. I also know my worth as a human. If my business were to shut down tomorrow, my identity would be fine. Yes, I’m The Freelance CFO. I’m also chicken-obsessed, kind, funny, loud, introverted, compassionate, a good cook, loving, driven, motivated, lucky, and surrounded by amazing humans.

That doesn’t mean that every day is rainbows and sunshine, or that I don’t have a shitty attitude some days and want to throw in the towel. What it does mean, is that I get back up off the ground, dust myself off, square my shoulders, put on some music I love and redirect my mood towards gratitude, learning, and abundance. I’m a firm believer that the thoughts you think create the life you live and the filter through which it’s experienced. The more you consciously handle when your thoughts stray towards scarcity or abundance, the more you’re able to steer your life in the direction you want.


Some great ways that I love to celebrate signing a new client, their subsequent wins, my wins, and frankly, anything I feel like celebrating:

  • Going to get massage, acupuncture, facial, or pedicure treatment

  • Spending money on someone just because

  • Taking a bath with a Soul CBD bath bomb and reading a book on my Kindle

  • Going out to my favorite place (a delish sustainable sushi restaurant)

  • Dancing to loud music in my living room

  • Going for a drive in the sunshine

  • Playing in the water (I LOVE the water)

  • Taking a trip somewhere new (or loved)

  • Heading to the gym for a workout with my favorite music blasting

  • Tipping WAY over 20% on a bill

  • Sharing wins with my friends and rolling high when they share their own wins

  • Sitting in the sunshine and simply soaking in the warmth and existing

It doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate, so long as you make the conscious decision to celebrate everything you can. By focusing on the wins, and the good in your life, you will continue to attract more good, more abundance, and more experiences and people to be grateful to have in your life. On the flipside, focusing on how tough something may be, how slow your business feels like it’s growing, how crappy the weather is, etc, only serves to bring your emotional and mental state down, and tints your view of the world around you. By deciding to celebrate or finding the good in your surroundings, you start to notice more of it in your life. Kind of like when I decided I wanted a Maserati, and now I see them EVERYWHERE. Seriously, on a daily basis when I leave my house (and I don’t live in a highly affluent area). Use that same tool to create more greatness in your life!

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate your wins?

Do you take the time to celibrate your worth and wealth? This act of self-care seems obvious, but few people actually practice this. But there is a good reason why you should!
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