A Finance Whiz With Personal Debt

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I’m a financial badass with personal debt and I’m not ashamed of it! While this isn’t something I’ve ever tried to hide, it’s also something I don’t talk about much.

Hi, my name is Katelyn! I have a mortgage, multiple credit cards with balances, and loans on several vehicles and I still travel the world, eat organic, free range food, get at least monthly massages, eyebrow waxes, and acupuncture appointments, and live a great life! I also have savings, multiple retirement plans, and I’m looking to add a rental house to my portfolio in 2019. Just like you, I’m a diverse human with plans, hopes, and dreams of my own.

A big reason why I still have debt is because I’m a firm believer of not dieting in your finance life or your physical life. Rather than cutting out everything I love about my life to pay off debt in half the time, but binge on purchases because I feel horribly restricted, I’ve made the decision to live a fulfilling life and simply make MORE money to pay my debt off.


While continuing to pay my debt down, I made a conscious decision to not stop living my life. Last year alone, I traveled to Iceland, Alaska, Colombia and San Diego. This year, I’ll be going to Barcelona, Portugal, back to Colombia for a month (in a penthouse), and to Moab - that’s all before May 1st! Continuing to travel and to nourish my body inside and out are two of the aspects in my life that allow me to continue earning more money, enjoying life, and feeling purposeful. Without travel and nourishment, my income drops, my inspiration wanes and I actually have less money to go towards debt payoff.

I’m a big proponent of doing what works for YOU. For me, making more money is easier than restricting my spending. So, that’s what I do, and it’s working, I’ve paid off a fair amount of debt in 2018, and have two credit cards I’ll be paying off this year. I’ve also made the choice to not prioritize paying off a couple of loans because they’re either 0% interest or so low to be almost free money, so there’s no financial incentive to pay them off.

So comment below and tell me, what works for YOU?

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